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Madames AX

 Mitigation and ADaptation Analysis for Mediterranean Ecosystem Services

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What does "Ecosystem service" means?

The Earth’s ecosystems provide humanity with a wide range of benefits known as “ecosystem goods and services”. Goods produced by ecosystems include food (meat, fish, vegetables etc.), water, fuels, and timber, while services include water supply and air purification, natural recycling of waste, soil formation, pollination, and the regulatory mechanisms that nature, left to itself, uses to control climatic conditions and populations of animals, insects and other organisms.

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How to measure ecosystem services?

One of the major challenges in the ecosystem services domain is how to develop indicators and then how to estimate the value of the produced ecosystem services. 

There is not yet a generally accepted approach to measuring and estimating the complete bundle of ecosystem services provided by an area.

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How to exchange ecosystem services?

Ecosystem services can be sold by an organization (as for example a forest owner) managing sustainably an area to another organization that wants to compensate his environmental impact. Nowadays, among all the ecosystem services, the carbon sequestration capacity is the one with most experiences in measuring, estimating and trading. The voluntary carbon market allows private investors, governments, non-governmental organizations, and businesses to voluntarily purchase carbon offsets to offset their emissions.

The MADAMES Ax project is a 10-month project aiming at analyzing mitigation and adaptation strategies for Mediterranean ecosystem services. Several activities will be carried out in order to assess and monitor the carbon sequestration and biomass production of a forest area located in the Comunelli di Ferriere Consortium and to validate a scaling business model to support sustainable management of the forest ecosystems.

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